“Happiness is taking a long warm bath preferably with nani” .Nani means grandma in Hindi. In India there is a ritual, a child immediately after birth will be pampered and bathed only by his/her grandma. We lost all the charm and joy in bathing after the intervention of bar soaps. An organic bath seems to be a distant dream for Indians. We positioned nani around this problem and designed a traditional package supported by a brand statement “Ancient living”.

Our approach to the design was inspired by the bath powder itself, which is very pure and organic. Hence, we used a white color code for the package .We even sketched icons of ingredients towards the right side of the package to indicate the origin and pedigree of contents inside. The total box as a very clean and rare aesthetics to grab the attention of scouters in supermarket.

A 100 % natural mark was lit up at the face of the package, in order to appeal to the people who are obsessed about organic products. The whole package has got an abstract balls, with colors inspired from that of the ingredients of the powder.


Feed Back

The team always brings clarity and wisdom to the discussion table. Their works are always unique and polarizing. They have deep insights about audience psychology and technical aspects of a design. I literally witnessed the spike in sales and demand of Nani herbal cleanser after packing it with their design.


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